Data Center Accessories

AOM is committed to helping you extend the life of your data center assets. We do this through industry-leading support, tested end-of-life hardware, and quality data center accessories.

Data Center Accessories

Industry-Best Third-Party Transceivers

All AOM transceivers are based on Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) specifications. The purpose of the MSA is in promoting the use of industry-standard form factors. The formation of this agreement was partly driven by a concern over the proliferation of propriety form factors, which would fragment the optics market, drive up development costs, increase waste, and increase the operational cost for end users.

 AOM transceivers are programmed and shipped from the United States unlike many of our competitors. Our entire philosophy is to provide high-quality components that are compatible with the OEMs at a fraction of the price.

Data Center Accessories

Center Memory

DDR4 Next Gen Memory offers Increased Speed, Increased Bandwidth, and Increased Efficiency with a Lifetime Warranty*; Increase the performance in your HPC, Cloud Computing, Big Data, and more;

Twice the Speed – DDR4 memory delivers faster burst access speeds for improved sequential data throughput;

Twice the Capacity – Maximize system performance by doubling memory capacity;
40% More Energy Efficient